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Pre-and Post-Natal massage treatments at the Eumundi Markets

Healthy Equilibrium offers specialised treatments for mothers to be through a deeply nurturing shiatsu massage can improve your wellbeing, help you to deal with stress and offer deep relaxation during your pregnancy

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Eumundi Markets: Experience the real essence of holistic massage

This style of oriental massage works therapeutically using thumb and palm pressure using focused intention healing, working deeply however is not painful, creating powerful change in the body.

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Japanese Massage: Relax and Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate the entire body engage and reactivate the blood circulation in the body enhancing mind body wellness. Shiatsu Massage is the beginning of your journey back to your true wellness. Healthy Equilibrium is here to assist you through guidance in the mind body relationship.

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Eumundi Massage: Experience the real essence of wellbeing

All treatments are infused with limitless universal source of energy healing that is Reiki.

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Detox with the Organ and Body Cleanse

Be a self healer with the Metatronic Organ and Body Cleanse Audio CD Pack to assist your everyday routine. A powerful processes for clearing and healing energetic imprints of the past that are burdening your organs and body. Empower yourself to create vitality and optimal wellbeing.

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Healthy Equilibrium stall holder at the Eumundi Markets

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Japanese Massage

Specialised Shiatsu Japanese Massage treatments to suit your needs. Be it rejuvenation, circulation, insomnia, migraine, or pre-natal and post-natal support. All therapies are fully clothed and non-invasive. Restore your vitality today at the Eumundi Markets

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Mind-Body Cleanse CD

Assist your body's healing process by detoxing your mind. Start self-healing today with the METATRONIC ORGAN AND BODY CLEANSE Healing Audio CD Set. One of the most successful and powerful tools for health, to assist you, and your family. Available at the Eumundi Markets

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